Founded in 2013, Cohere Consultants is a boutique diversity & inclusion practice with a pan India presence. We consult in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Dehradun. We provide end to end services on sexual harassment as well as diversity and inclusion in the workplace (of women, LGBTQI, and different abled persons) and mainstreaming.

Our Team consists of Legal Advisors, Health Care Professionals, Human Capital Executives, Counsellors, NGO founders and Social Workers who are qualified to act as external members for internal committees of organizations, trainers, and counsellors.

We have the unmatched reputation of having redressed 2000+ cases of sexual harassment for our clients and have trained over 16000 people since 2013. We specialize in conducting workshops for senior management, HR managers, ICC members, line managers and employees on gender discrimination and workplace diversity covering both legal and social aspects. Our specialists conduct orientation, sensitization and correctional training or counselling for employees.

We are also engaged in developing training content on various laws concerning sexual harassment, equal remuneration and maternity relief in both online and offline mediums for large-scale training. We also design engagements and legal policies specific to inclusion of LGBTI and disability issues in the organizational agenda.


  • Empathy – We believe in open mindedness, listening, and open communication while doing our work
  • Balance – We endeavor to bring a balance to workplaces through our work, where it is through creating sustainable processes and policies for our clients, mainstreaming diverse/ minority groups, and ensuring everybody has equal access, to resources and opportunity
  • Respect – We pride in our ability to take on board conflicting views, differences and the value they bring on board
  • Efficiency – We streamline things for organizations, and give them the best within whatever means they have
  • Passion – Passion for work is what fuels us, that we want an equal world free of violence and discrimination. We bring this to our daily lives and interactions, and we bring this to our work