Cohere Consultants LLP is a boutique practice with a pan-India presence, offering comprehensive legal and compliance services. Specializing in areas such as laws on sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, as well as maternity and labor laws, the firm boasts a multidisciplinary team. Notably, Cohere Consultants LLP has handled over 3500 cases and has trained more than 1,50,000 individuals demonstrating its extensive experience and expertise in the field.

The Cohere Consultants team includes Legal and HR professionals, counsellors, NGO founders, and social workers, all of whom are qualified to serve as external members for internal committees within companies. The firm’s commitment to excellence is further underscored by its faculty members’ affiliation with prestigious institutions such as the National Law Institute (NLI) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Academy.

In addition to its comprehensive legal and compliance services, Cohere Consultants LLP has a proven track record of providing advisory services for over nine years to prominent organizations like HSBC, Accenture, and Zomato. The firm’s expertise extends to regulatory matters, with consultants actively engaging with Ministries of Women & Child Development, Labour & Employment, and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Cohere Consultants LLP is dedicated to providing end-to-end solutions, offering advisory services for Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) inquiries and conciliation. The firm covers all aspects of documentation, record-keeping, statutory filing, and report generation to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

A key focus of Cohere Consultants LLP is on education and awareness. The firm specializes in conducting workshops tailored for senior management, HR managers, Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) members, line managers, and employees. These workshops address issues related to gender discrimination and workplace diversity.

Also, in response to the dynamic landscape of employment and labor services, Cohere Consultants LLP provides a range of advisory services. This includes conflict management policies, handbooks, and service rules, as well as the crafting of processes such as early flagging systems, whistleblowing, anonymous processes, and automation. The firm specializes in grievance and violation management, covering aspects like the code of conduct, violation investigations and reports, and dispute resolution through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Furthermore, Cohere Consultants LLP actively engages in the design and implementation of policies concerning diversity and inclusion. The firm plays a crucial role in shaping policies related to workplace sexual harassment, maternity benefits, and child care. Through its expertise and commitment, Cohere Consultants LLP stands as a trusted partner in promoting a fair, inclusive, and compliant work environment for its clients.


  • Empathy – We believe in open mindedness, listening, and open communication while doing our work
  • Balance – We endeavor to bring a balance to workplaces through our work, where it is through creating sustainable processes and policies for our clients, mainstreaming diverse/ minority groups, and ensuring everybody has equal access, to resources and opportunity
  • Respect – We pride in our ability to take on board conflicting views, differences and the value they bring on board
  • Efficiency – We streamline things for organizations, and give them the best within whatever means they have
  • Passion – Passion for work is what fuels us, that we want an equal world free of violence and discrimination. We bring this to our daily lives and interactions, and we bring this to our work