Cohere Consultants is a niche legal and compliance practice in workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and maternity in employment. It has been providing solutions to corporate employers in this space since 2011. Some of its clients include Accenture, HSBC, Zomato, Hero and Vishal Megamart amongst others.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment through its research arm, the V. V. Giri National Labour Institute has recently identified Cohere Consultants as a partner for verifying and documenting trends and good practices in maternity and crèche facilities across India.

At Cohere Consultants, we provide advisory services and fact-based solutions across both models while ensuring all legal and statutory compliance’s. These include:

  • Providing advisory services and sourcing assistance on design and implementation of either model;
  • Conducting due diligence and risk assessments on potential tie-ups;
  • Conducting audits – Assessing locations, evaluating nearby daycare options and providing crèche screening reports to employers to choose care providers and crèche facilities.
  • Conducting compliance checks – As every state has different rules, checks are location based to ensure that models opted for by employers are legally compliant;
  • Providing services for design, preparation, implementation and awareness generation around all maternity and crèche related internal policies as well as public facing policies for employees and legal authorities;
  • Structuring of all legal agreements for relationship management between vendors, suppliers, service providers etc.and risk minimization;
  • Development of protocols and SOPs for standardization of crèche services and crèche management based on national and international standards;
  • Conducting annual SLA reviews and regular audits of policies and systems on an ongoing basis;
  • Providing training as per ministry compliant certification to managers, staff and caregivers of crèches;
  • Providing complaint management and grievance redressal services, which are compliant with laws on sexual harassment, laws concerning crimes against children and also health and safety laws and guidelines relevant to crèches;
  • Providing advisory services and support for emergency intervention and FAQs and support on queries about crèche facilities;
  • Providing advisory support for maintenance of records as per prescribed law.

Services can be provided on a stand-alone basis or as an end-to-end solution depending on needs and requirements.